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FREE Financial Reality is here to help you gain financial freedom. You are the one in control of your personal finances. You may not feel like you are in control sometimes, but you most definitely are. You probably just need some ideas, tips, tricks, tools, education, and to give your finances a little time and care.  That is what FREE Financial Reality wants to help you do.

Your money situation boils down to two things, your income and expenses. To change your current financial reality for the better, you either need to increase your income, or decrease your expenses.

That’s it.  Doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

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The first step is knowing where you are now. This can be easily done by filling out our spreadsheet. If you can show us where you are now, we can help you get to where you want to be.


There is a ton of information out there on finances. It may be overwhelming to sift through it all to find what you need. That is why we want to give you ideas and information specific to your situation and goals.


Put into action the steps that you can do to get to where you want to be. Remember you are in control and get to decide what to do from our ideas. Just make sure to do something, or everything will stay the same.

Free Financial Reality would like to help you identify your current financial status and then help you change it to what you want it to be. The best part is, it's free! Take a step towards YOUR Financial Freedom now!
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